cold world project.

I thought I'd throw up something I've been working on to get people interested. This isn't much to look at without more of the story, but I've kinda abandoned this approach. I've decided to take it back to the planning phase again, because I don't think the idea I had was going to work. I'll post some of it once I start drawing it again. But anyway...

I quick explaination: I've been getting more and more interested in post-apocolyptic settings and I'm trying not to be ashamed of it. I feel like the subject has become something of a fad in recent fiction. But with "trendiness" aside, I'm interested in idea of the world being de-civilized (if that's even a word)... The idea of reverting to a world-wide wild west so to speak. I think there's a lot of opportunity to create a dialouge about the human condition and conflict. Also, being that nobody has experienced a post-apocolyptic world, there's a lot of freedom to make stuff up that cannot be disputed. Anyway, as I get used to blogging perhaps I'll learn to just keep my mouth shut and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Above was to be page 1. It has not and will not be inked. I have been doing the initial sketches in red pencil so I can digitally remove the marks by singling out the red tones and removing them. The next page was inked, the red pencil removed, and I created the black boarder.

This was to be page 2. Initially I thought this would be a silent comic, but I've decided I'd try my hand and including narration. One of the critiques I received back from CCS about my application was that the dialogue/narration was weak, so I'm focusing on writing first and hopefully teach myself about melding text and images together.


Emma Christensen said...

Yo, boy - Have you read "The World Without Us" by Alan Weisman? It's a nonfiction book talking about what would happen if humans just disappeared - how long it would take for bridges to collapse, for wildlife to take over, what the landscape would look like, etc. It's a pretty good read, plus good context for thinking about the post-apocalyptic stuff. Also, I assume you read The Road by Cormac McCarthy?

Unknown said...

I'm reading The Road right now... I think it's amazing. McCarthy sure has quite a command of words. It's half poem and half novel. I haven't read the World Without Us, but I did see a special called "Aftermath" on National Geo or Discover or one of those sorta channels. It was pretty much about the same thing as that book you describe. It was pretty interesting.

TGJR said...

I'm currently reading a sort of post-apocalyptic comic actually so if you do decide to continue I'll be extremely excited to see how you interpret it.
www.freakangels.com <--- if you care to look
I'm not sure how it works for art but for me with food I like to see a lot of what others are doing.

Keep up the great posts!
PS love the can opener in the third frame... so many memories :P

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