First Post

Alright... I've finally done it. I've created a blog! When I first heard about blogging a few years ago, I resisted it for some reason. The same way I resisted cell phones, or new operating systems, or i-pods. But as with all of these (except i-pods which are becoming more and more appealing) the benefits have convinced me to reconsider.

There are two reasons I have chosen to create this blog. The first: as the title of the blog implies, I want a means to share my projects, AND to create some accountability for myself to actually follow through with them. Hopefully, the knowledge that people (family/friends/random wanderers) are eagerly awaiting new pages/sketches will push me to actually do some. My biggest problem with creating is not lack of ideas but lack of actually creating them. I expect an abundance of failures, but I can't hope for success without them... So hopefully I can work through those failures and create some successes through this blog.

The second reason I made this blog: as the title DOES NOT imply, I plan to update you on what's happening in my life (and Darci's). As Darci and I are preparing to move to Vermont and away from all of our family and friends, our biggest concern is maintaining contact. I hope that through this blog we can preserve our place in your lives by letting you know what's happening in ours. Perhaps when school starts and comics begin to dominate this blog, we will create a new one together that we can devote to updating family and friends on our life in Vermont.

So, hopefully I will develop a habit of writing here... and, as I tend to deviate from original topics, don't expect me to stick to "comics and life in VT"... DO expect me to write about anything that crosses my mind and ignites my passions/imagination.


TGJR said...

That all sounds great man! When are you heading out? At the very least I hope you update more often than Chelsea does.... which is not at all

Unknown said...

I hope to get in the habit... We'll see if this initial excitement wears off - Darci says I'm already addicted to this blog thing. Darci and I will be leaving around the beginning of August, although it depends more on when whatever job she finds wants her out there.

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