the Long Road (aka the proposal)

Alright, I've decided to post this comic. I figured a lot of you who may be reading this may have also attended my wedding, and you probably didn't get a good look at my proposal comic that flashed by on the slideshow. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, the explanation is below (maybe it doesn't need one, but I have a habit of talking when I should just keep my mouth shut).

***warning - do not read the following if cheesy, mushy, lovey stuff makes you ill***

This comic was completed as a proposal for my wife (we got married a month ago). Out of the many projects I've started, I've never really finished any, so the big deal about this is that I finished it, and I did so for her! (aaawwww). Anyway, the comics essentially illustrates what we did, and at the end I gave her the comic, and when she finished reading it, I gave her the ring "as the key" to the castle.



Emma Christensen said...

Ack! Gag! LOVE!?!? I mean...awww....

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