my new job

So, I began a second job this week. Last year some good friends from my church built an addition to their beautiful country house intended to be an assisted living home, and as of the end of February (following a rather miraculous story which I won't write here) their first two (of four) residents moved in. They made the decision that the focus would be on people with Alzheimer's but only one resident has Alzheimer's "proper", while another moving it later has a form of dementia. The others just need general assistance living with some physical ailments.

Anyway... my point: I've only worked two evenings and an afternoon, but already I've had a pretty remarkable experience dealing with this woman with Alzheimer's. I've decided to begin a journal of my time there and learning about Alzheimer's, and I'll be making it into a comic journal... it's kinda a new thing for me, but I have high hopes. So, wish me luck and keep bothering me for something to show.



Chelsea Lynn Rickert said...

Omg that's awesome. My mom always worked in the alzheimers unit at nursing homes and as a kid I have the best time messing with them. I've got some good stories...some bad...but all are pretty funny.

The biggest thing I can tell you is to have patience, and play along. ;)

Good luck Artboy!

TGJR said...

Sounds pretty deep man. But if anyone can pull it off it's you.

Now how bout some more sketches eh?

Unknown said...

I'm so proud of you, brotha! It's fun to watch you grow through all of this.

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