umm... no title.

So, I'll just do a little update.  I've been pretty busy with my lighting for Joseph and the Amaz.. (bla bla bla).. Coat, so I haven't gotten around to posting.  Although, as a viewer of quite a few other blogs and seeing that excuse overused, I no longer accept "being busy" as an excuse for not posting... I expect I'll be busy my whole life as my career develops, and if I don't get in a habit of posting I probably never will.

So, I'd post some doodles I've done while sitting waiting for shows to start, but I'm at work... so I'll scan some once I get home tonight after the show.

Besides that... my "Cold World" project is gonna get a rewrite.  As this project develops (and with advice from my sister), it may cease to be the "Cold World" exactly.  An idea I'm going to run with is having it be more of a campfire story being told by people in this world, and if it goes well there may be more of these stories to come.  I hope to create a sort of mythology in this post-catastrophic world.  We'll see how it goes... maybe I dream to big, but why not?  Okay, ta ta for now.


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