Hey, here's some sketches of a little project I'm doing in the midst of my many other projects... I'm going to submit this project to a little newspaper comic anthology sorta thingy in Minneapolis (although submissions are open nationally).  I may do more than one submission (it's free to submit and there's no submission limit)  Check it out if you want details: http://www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/conspire/?p=997

My biggest concern is that my sense of humor is too bizarre or is bad altogether.  I think I'm wierd...  I'll post the completed strip when it's done.  

I don't know why this uploaded small, but I can't fix it and I need to go to bed... so, sorry.


Emma Christensen said...

Am I right that this is kind of a spoof on things that aliens get wrong/can't figure out about humans (like how to use door knobs)? Kinda hard to read the text, but that's what I'm thinking. If so, I think that's hilarious. I love it because it turns the old "Aliens are superior" sci fi stereotype upside down.

Unknown said...

yea, I don't know why the file uploaded small- it IS a bigger file... So, yea, text is too small to read, but that's okay. I'll upload the final one soon. I've already finished a small version, but to submit it I have to redo it bigger to their given dimensions.

Yes, you got the main jist of it, although I decided to switch the title to "Monster" instead of "Alien"... mostly because I liked the idea of these creatures emerging from the forests rather than from space. So I see them more like forest spirits or monsters... but INVADING nontheless.

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