twitter and free kindles

Okay, a few things:

I'm on Twitter now.  I've just been hearing too many things about it in the blogging world, so I'm there now.  And on that note enter to win a free Kindle 2 here: http://juliestratford.com/amazon-kindle-2-giveaway/

Also, I need to create some accountability for updating this blog... I refuse to become one of those many people who have a blog and update it a few times a year.  I'm going to scan and upload a drawing or sketchbook page a night regardless of whether or not it's good.  Yes, that's right... I'm going to buck up and show you things that I'm ashamed of too.  I'll start us off tonight.  Hopefully I'll gain a habit of throwing something up before I go to bed.  And please forgive me in advance because I will inevitably forget some nights.



Emma Christensen said...

Yeah, buck up, little bro! No fear!

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