i dislike moving, but I like Bon Iver

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit... as Darci and I prepare to move to Vermont, I was forced to take down my computer for a few days to get rid of my desk. We were going to sell it, but as I attempted to move it, it kinda fell apart. The top of the shelf part came off in my hands, and, as I'd like to use this as evidence of my masculine brute strength, it became clear that it was just too old and seen one to many moves and abuse... So, instead of tricking somone into buying my sad desk I took to tearing it apart with my bear hands - there's that "brute strength" again. Anyway, now I'm borrowing a folding table from my in-laws for my computer - obviously up and running again for your pleasure, and mine.

Here's a little experiment I've been thinking about. Sortof "free sketching" panels to musical inspiration... in this case, Bon Iver. He's one of those extremely few musicians that stirs something in me more than aural pleasure - a quality that really makes an "artist" rather than a "musician" (and I don't mean that to belittle musicians). And a side note: watching his career bloom has inspired me to no end. Back in my early college days (ha, that's funny to say) Justin Vernon's band at that time was but a popular local group from Menomonie's neighboring town, Eau Claire. I'd had the pleasure of not only watching that group perform aplenty, but my band once opened for them! Being that this was probably long before "Bon Iver" was anywhere in his thoughts, it's been so intruiging to me to watch his career come from practically the same place I have been in my life. It's inspiring to me because I got to see him grow from the ground up, and understanding that I'm standing on that same ground, I (and all of us) have the potential for the same. Justin's success is a true testimate of a long time dedication to his art and I know he is one of the few "sensations" that deserves all the attention he's recieved.

Anyway, that was a big lead-in for my little sketchbook doodle... enjoy!


Emma Christensen said...

Yay, Bon Iver! Another blog I read has the download to his show at Bonaroo this year:

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