shushing myself

I've been forgetting to post... the move to Vermont is coming up. Darci and I just decided we'd even move a week earlier (for job/housing searching). It's all coming fast, and it's weird because I've been excited for this ever since I first visited the school in June 08. Now it's just on the horizon and it's actually kinda scary... I didn't think I'd be scared.

Here's something I did amidst some minor family turmoil a few weeks ago. I have this problem where I think I know the answers all the time, but I'm pretty sure I don't... but I talk anyway. hmm... More and more I'm learning to "shush" myself.


TGJR said...

As I'm sure you remember I have a similar problem only it deals with mostly inappropriate things.
Filters are tough, especially in this day in age when everything we say or do is 'micro-scrutinized'; I think sometimes it's just nice to be able to say exactly what you want, consequences be damned...
Then again I think I just did it again...

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