okay, so school's started and I've again fallen of track for posting. Now... When I have things to post regularly! Oh well, I'm busier than I have been in a looong time. Here's a portrait I did for the "CCS Facebook" which is, in fact, a real BOOK as opposed to the social website. I suppose I'll also post the bio I wrote for the book also.

First I worked with a brush pen, and did some shadows... this is actually a once-refined version that I traced more nicely than the original.

Then I did linework (I did it backwards for some reason- usually one would go over the linework with shadows rather than the other way around... the shadowy one just came to me!).

Then they go together. The jury's still out on what color they'll be (the line layer and shadow layer will be printed separately). Also, I'll have to consider paper color too... oh bother!
Lastly, here's the bio that will be on the page next to my portrait. I didn't know what to say about myself, sooooo I didn't say anything. We'll be binding this book in class and we'll all get a copy. There will also be a .pdf version that I believe will be available on the CCS website.


Seamstress Maire said...

Great blog so far. I like the brown and black portrait the best, although it looks nothing like you.

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