12 - December 2 2009

Here's last week's diary and below you'll find an alternate version... I couldn't decide which I liked more. This one is nice conceptually, but the lower one is easier to read (the sequence). Eh.

Another note, There's a web-comic community starting up for WhiteRiverJuntion(VT)/CenterForCartoonStudies cartoonists. So I have a new site that I'll be using to post my comics. Over the winter break I'm going to figure out how to manage the new site, and customize it, and I'll let you know when it's ready. The first thing I'll be posting is pages my final project for this semester (a 4 person anthology). I'll still try to use this blog as more of a personal blog. Anyway... that was a long babble. Enjoy!
By the way, how do you like the new blog design. Now my pictures can fit on the page without you having to click em! Yay!

12 - December 2 2009, originally uploaded by Andrew.James.


Joyce said...

Andy: I like the first one. I actually think that one is easier to see the image morphing. mom

Chelsea Lynn Rickert said...

Andyman! You are so gifted. Also, you can draw your own likeness very well. <3 Give your lady my lovin!

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