This is what I spent the first two weeks back at school working on... 

Ladykillers! COVER

...LADYKILLERS!  a 1952-style crime comic conceived, written, penciled, inked, colored, lettered, formatted, and printed in TWO WEEKS FLAT by myself and my CCS classmates Carl MefferdTom CasteelJosh KramerJesse Mead, and Nomi Kane.  We were led by our editor, the legendary Steve Bissette.  The cover above was brilliantly penciled by Carl, and inked by Steve.

I had a lot of various duties, but the most visible of 'em was my inking of the following story.  For those who are sensitive to blood and nipples... well, it's not that bad!
Deadly Dreamer p1
Deadly Dreamer p2
Deadly Dreamer p3
Deadly Dreamer p4
Deadly Dreamer p5
This story was written and penciled by Nomi Kane, and inked by ME.  In case you're wondering: YES, it IS a true story!  As are the other 3 stories in this comic!  You can see the other stories at my other group members' websites: Carl Mefferd, Tom Casteel, Josh Kramer, Jesse Mead, and Nomi Kane.

Just for fun: here's the "letters to the editor" page (I wrote all the letters, and the replies by Steve):
Letters to the Editor page


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