Long time

Hello after a time away!  As with many bloggers, I've been distanced from my blog for the summer time.  I haven't actually had a lot of work to show as most of my summer work has been for others and I can't really share it online.

One project that I can show you that I finished up recently was illustrating 50 years of animals on a family farm.  All the animals were arranged on a 2x3 poster and presented to a couple for their 50th Anniversary.  It was very special for me to provide my skills to make this for them.  Here are a few sample pages (there are many more).


Cats n' more:

So, it was a sorta different project than I'm used to, but it forced me to really figure out some animal anatomy that may come in handy in the future.

Orientation for my 2nd year of grad school is in an hour.  So that means school's starting again, and I should have a steady flow of work to post here for the semester.  I'll try my best not to let this blog stagnate!


Emma Christensen said...

Glad you're back! Good luck with the new school year, bro!

Andre said...

Andels, it's been a long time. Long long time, if this is you. We'll just say... "hello, wonderbird?" if so...contact me...i remember "inside me"....hope all is well. A.

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