CCS awareness week!

Hey everyone. I wanted to take a very quick moment away from my comics to post about the amazing school I attend.

It's amazing! The Center for Cartoon Studies has provided me with the a greater education than I could have dreamt up: comics history, drawing techniques, design, technical/computer wizardry, visual storytelling, writing, and so much more! I could spend all afternoon gushing about CCS, but I've got to get back to working on my thesis project.

Check out what other students/alumni/faculty have said about their experience at CCS: Beth Hetland, Alex Kim, Jon Chad, Canto, Katherine Roy. While you're at it, check out their work too!

*UPDATE* Here are some more posts about CCS by a few of my classmates: Jesse Durona, Lena Chandhok, Kevin Uehlein, Pat Barrett, Em Sauter.

(P.S. other CCSers- feel free to comment with a link to your CCS blurb if I missed yours)


Pat said...

bladam. another CCSer in love: http://blog.patbarrett.com/2011/03/how-its-made-the-vermont-cartoonist-laureate-seal/

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