There we are...The CCS class of 2011 all done and graduated! Check us out: Carl Antonowicz, Pat Barrett, Tom Casteel, Lena Chandhok, Lawrence Derks, Jesse DuRona, Jon Fine, Beth Hetland, Ben Horak, Ben Juers, Nomi Kane, Josh Kramer, Jesse Mead, Carl Mefferd, Corey Middleton, Jacob Montgomery, Max Mose, Emily Sauter, Betsey Swardlick, Paul Swartz, Carol Thompson. Also, Bailey Sharp and Jan Burger finished their one year certificate, and David Libens finished his year as CCS fellow.

Our thesis exhibition is up at the CCS, and Josh Kramer was awesome enough to make a digital version of it. Check it out:

Also, check out this diploma designed by Aaron Renier! It's sitting comfortably in my computer chair.


Beth Hetland said...

hey did you leave already?! I left you something in your mailbox... I'm going to movie night tonight, and I know you leave soon, so you BETTER say goodbye if this indeed is...!

Unknown said...

I'm still here, but leaving Monday. I'm gonna come to movie night, so I'll see ya there!

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