The Stag on Emanata

You can now read The Stag on your iPad!  A great new app called Emanata (http://www.emanata.co/) invited me to put my comic on their app.  If you've got an iPad, you should check it out... Lots of great indie comics for free!

It seems like a really nice reading experience (I don't have an iPad myself, but I had my sister give me a thorough review - thanks Sis).  Eventually, I'll be releasing some more of my issues on there.  I'm hoping this will become a great platform for indie-cartoonist to publish their comics digitally... There sure is a lot of potential here, and I expect this is only the beginning for Emanata!

In other news, The Stag - Part 3 is coming along very nicely.  Of course, my life got a bit complicated in the past month so I've had to put some time into a few other things, but Part 3 should be finished up soon... I know I've said that before, but every time I say so it IS a bit closer - now I'm only a few pages away :)


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